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3C - 21st Century Telecoms

3C is a software development business specialising in effective, reliable and modern telecoms solutions. We are experienced in a wide range of technology, from CTI solutions based on Aculab and Dialogic hardware through to IVR, switching and calling card technology based on open source VoIP packages such as OpenSIPS, FreeSWITCH and Asterisk.

Our end-user product include UKDDI, a source of UK numbers for internet telephony, and SoftIVR, a highly capable online IVR system which we use ourselves for most of our IVR solutions. We also develop and host a wholesale multi-tenant softswitch and billing platform, which has been successfully integrated with several Tier 1 carrier (including AT&T BT, Tata and Verizon) and whose billing engine is able successfully to import and bill BT IP Exchange calls.

We also develop niche telecoms-related products, such as our DVD lock and pay technology, which allows content on a DVD to be locked at the point of manufacture and unlocked by the consumer acquiring a PIN. The PIN can be sold or given away in exchange for marketing information.